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Government Document Management System in Canada

Let Netclues Help with your Next Document Management System Project.

Document Management System for Government and Public Sector Institutions in Canada.

Efficiency driven Document Management Systems for Governments and Public Sector Institutions.

Government organizations, due to the large volume of traffic, struggle with accessing documents and maintaining them in a central repository. Also due to the large volume of traffic and the sheer amount of documentation that this produced, as a result, having a dynamic system that can securely store and retrieve information on the go enables efficiency in the operations and collaboration between the different entities involved.

Netclues offers dynamic document management systems for the government and public sector companies in Canada that enables multiple document sharing while maintaining an efficient auto-trail system. This also increases collaboration between the different stakeholders and has the ability to store huge quantities of information in a secure and highly encrypted format on a consolidated and accessible platform to ensure client confidentiality. The stored information can be easily pulled up and updated and historical information can be seen in a canonical order for ease of operation. The system saves paper-work and is extremely intuitive and easy to understand and use.

At Netclues, our team of experts have developed a document management system specifically designed for the government and semi-government organizations in Canada.

Below are some of the features of the document management system.

  • Highly Secure and Encrypted Cloud Based Servers
  • Version Control between different stakeholders
  • Indexing and Classification for easy editing and document retrieval
  • File Synchronization between multiple stakeholders
  • Bulk Upload and Download capability
  • Mobile App integration for ease of access
  • Much more...

Get in touch with us to automate and organize your document management system to improve efficiency, collaboration and reduce costs.

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