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Healthcare SharePoint & Intranet Development in Canada

Let Netclues Help with your Next SharePoint & Intranet Development Project.

SharePoint and Intranet Development Solutions for Healthcare in Canada

Looking for a simple, straightforward and dedicated intranet system that can be implemented at the hospital or health-care facility? Netclues, as a Microsoft Silver Partner provides state of the art, dynamic Sharepoint solutions which will ensure optimum productivity, user-friendly experience and well-organized business functions for health-care companies in Canada.

As per the information provided by National Health Expenditure Database (NHEX), total health care spending per person in Canada was around $6839 and this number is expected to increase.

Sharepoint is an excellent tool to manage documents and it can be extremely useful in the health-care industry where documentation is cumbersome and time-consuming. Ideally, the time spent on documentation is unproductive and this time could be used to provide better health-care to patients. Sharepoint can be integrated with a central repository system which would make document management more effective.

Documents access from a central repertory would give doctors and other hospital staff a holistic view of a patient’s medical history-making diagnosis and treatment much easier. Features like roll-back to previous version, tracking and editing history will ensure security and introduce accountability.

Finding a specific file or piece of information can be laborious when an organization has a vast, ever-expanding database. This could be critical when administering timely treatment to patients. Our Sharepoint solutions simplify data search and provide the option to add metadata which will further narrow down the search parameters. User Access is an important aspect of Sharepoint. It specifies the individuals who have the permission to upload, share, edit documents and the ones who don’t and this helps in creating a safe, trust-worthy work environment. It is also possible to customize or create permission levels.

Contact Us to know more about our Sharepoint Solutions which can ensure safe storage, quick access and control of data in a safe and secure environment.

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