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Online Appointment System for Healthcare in Canada

Let Netclues Help with your Next Online Appointment System Project.

Online Appointment System for Health-care Companies in Canada.

Netclues’s appointment system not only allows patients to book appointments online but helps health-care organizations to be more customer centrist leading to increased productivity and revenue. Many health-care organizations worldwide have already benefited from our innovative and state of the art appointment system.

Our online system enables quick access to services and convenience. With the advent of smart-phones, doctors use mobile-friendly websites to reduce administrative hassle and patients use them to reduce the inconvenience of manual or phone booking while enabling greater control. With this system, patients need not stick to office timings to call and book appointments, they can book appointments online anytime, anywhere.

Our system simplifies patient management easier as patient records are maintained on a single platform. These can be saved, updated, managed and analyzed which helps in effective decision making, avoiding delays and reducing documentation. This feature also comes in handy when multiple doctors handle a particular patient, reducing the number of tests and ensuring greater coordination and consolidation. Patient’s information like email address, phone number can be used to organize promotional events and usher in new business.

No-shows or non-attendance is annoying and result in revenue loss, affected work-flow and increased expenditure. With the online booking system, reminder messages can be sent for present visits, alerts for future appointments would prevent such instances and ensure that a doctor’s schedule is effectively managed.

From a patient’s point of view, this system eliminates the chance of over-booking plus online booking charges to ensure they don’t forget appointments. Online payment makes it convenient for customers and discounts, offers etc encourage further engagement. Lastly, our system reduces carbon footprints and optimizes the use of machinery.

Contact Netclues for an advanced appointment system which saves time, energy, improves business productivity plus more convenience and improved work-flow.

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