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Restaurant Web Based Reservation System in Canada

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Web-based Reservation System for Restaurants in Canada

Netclues believes in designing products that ease the management of mundane and sometimes complex, process driven tasks and shift them towards innovation and enables business process automation. One of these products designed is an innovative and efficient solution to manage restaurant reservations and bookings via our online web based reservation system.

The intuitive and highly functional web-based reservation system enables guests and customers to make and manage bookings at your restaurant with ease and the click of a button. The reservation system is integrated with the administrator panel to provide on the spot information and reservations can be managed in simple and effective ways that will both drive growth and ease the operational process to deliver better and efficient results.

Some of the key features of the reservation system are

  • Web-Based Centralized System: The system is completely web-based and can be accessed very easily over the internet anytime. This also means no messy installation and up-gradation issues. All of this is done over the cloud and completely independently, as to not affect the live application.
  • Website Integration: The reservation system is very easy to integrate with the restaurant’s website and reservations made on the website can directly be managed through the application.
  • Notifications: When reservations are made directly by customers, all the involved parties will get notification emails of time and date booked along with other relevant information like customer allergies or preferences.
  • Section Management: This functionality tool can be deployed for specific groups or corporate events where complete sections of the restaurant need to be reserved for private events, etc.
  • System Reports: The reservation system can produce, display and print various types of reports that help with business planning, strategy and marketing.
  • Calendar View and Integration: Since this is predominantly a restaurant reservation system, the display is configured to show a calendar view with time slots with bookings and reservations for ease of management. This also can be integrated to send time block requests to the Chef and staff for priority events or customers.
  • Reminder Systems: Reminders can be sent via the system to remind guests of upcoming bookings and also to staff and chefs for respective roles and responsibilities pertaining to customer requirements.
  • Customer Trends Tracking: From dining preferences, allergies to special occasions and more. The tracking system keeps a dataset of important client-related information and dishes and products can be customized as per the preference to help with customer delight and engagement.
  • Advanced Search and Filter Tools: The reservation system has advanced search and filter tools to list upcoming or past events, reservations and other details that will help in management and strategy.

The Web-Based Reservation system is a highly customizable and flexible solution that is specifically designed to improve the offerings of restaurants and cafes in Canada by enabling them to cater to the ever-growing number of digital customers and offering an easy to use and customer-focused digital tool.

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