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Law and Legal CRM Solutions in Canada

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CRM Solutions for Law and Legal Firms in Canada

As per a study conducted by Ackert Inc in 2018, 77% percent of law firms have a CRM system in place. The numbers are increasing fast because law firms need to centralize all their internal processes like business development and client retention in order to get a sustainable, competitive advantage. The conventional CRM soft-wares are not designed to meet the law firm’s needs but if they are customized then they can be highly profitable.

  • Improved relationship management - A law firm is all about client management and retention. A tailor-made CRM software designed by us can help a firm manage and foster its relationship with clients, customers and maintain a detailed database of information pertaining to clients, customers, referrals, associates and so on. It can sort leads in different categories so that lawyers can focus on productive activities accordingly. A CRM software helps one add notes, set reminders, creating personalized email templates, tracking new cases proactively, thereby enabling the firm’s employees to update themselves and engage in customer retention. In the long run, this saves time and increases productivity.
  • Analysis and reporting - A CRM software is ideal for reporting and analyzing information and helps in focusing on like ROI, client value, conversion ratio etc. A law firm needs to come up with innovative techniques to survive competition, acquire new clients and revenue generation. An efficient CRM software designed to meet the needs of lawyers can help analyze important information like client conversion rate, pipeline value, lead sources, lead sources over time, matters for which firms are hired etc. This eliminates the need for guesswork and rough estimation and uses facts, statistics to formulate future strategies.
  • Improved work-flow - An efficient CRM software allows law firms to manage operations effectively, bring in new clients, providing them with premium services at reduced costs and streamline the whole process by building relationships, nurturing them. New leads need to be worked on and comments have to be added to ensure proper follow-up because not all leads are converted instantly, so checklists need to be maintained to make sure that all information is entered and that all tasks are executed. Moreover, the CRM can create forms and custom templates for customers, clients and help them sign documents on their gadgets. This would help firms to stay more organized.

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