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Digital Receptionist for Law and Legal in Canada

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Digital Receptionist Solutions for Law and Legal Firms

A law firm, one needs to manage existing clients and new prospects. As per a few popular studies, an average lawyer or attorney is interrupted at work 7 to 8 times a day and that is eating up 3 hours of his productivity and about 60% of people who consult an attorney don't end up hiring him. Hence, not all phone calls and emails can be answered, some might not be relevant either. A virtual receptionist acts as a filter and it can be responsive without a lawyer having to reply to calls, emails etc.

Netclues has a unique offering known as Receptionist. In other words, it is a simple and easy visitor management tool which allows a law firm to manage clients and visitors. This tool sends alerts via email upon the entry of the client or individual and captures their details quickly. With the help of this software, it is possible to produce the details of all the visitors on the premises at a given point of time.

A prospective client may contact a firm through various channels like marketing, search engines, seminar, event, so it is imperative that the firm's representative interacts with the client before hanging up the phone or leaving the website. The interaction needs to be handled professionally plus most website visitors or callers won’t bother filling out a form or leaving a voice mail message. The virtual receptionist notes down all the details and alerts the specific lawyer.

An automated software eliminates the need for employees to be physically present in order to answer calls which saves time and enables employees to devote more time towards productive tasks like research. The software is cloud-based and doesn't require constant IT support and there is no need to install expensive software either. It also reduces stress levels of lawyers who can now work from home and also connect various departments and clients. These virtual phone systems can be customized to suit a firm's requirements, the cost depends on the degree of usage. Moreover, a virtual call attendant can provide relevant information to caller like different rates of working, non-working hours, attorney based information etc and it provides an excellent back up when employees are off duty, on breaks etc. If VIP clients call at odd times, these calls would be diverted to partners or departmental heads for a fast response. This keeps the particular client happy.

An important feature of our virtual attendant feature is the call-recording option which helps record client conversation which can, later on, be shared with auditors, paralegals and others who can use it for cross-reference and it can also be used to keep a check on employee's activities. The time-monitoring feature in our software helps in procuring information about the chargeable time spent on the phone with clients. This can help control expenditure and allot finances accordingly.

Contact us for more information on Digital Receptionist solutions to increase productivity, control expenditure and enable client management.

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