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24 July 2015

Protection Against Domain Name Scam

Protection Against Domain Name Scam

Have you recently received an email from a company claiming your domain is going to be purchased by someone else?

For years, small and large businesses around the world occasionally received emails from individuals reportedly working for a Chinese registrar service, offering a “brand protection” package. Such Domain slams are scams targeting business owners who are uneducated regarding the domain name registration process.

Read on to know how phishing emails or phone calls from unauthorized sources can be harmful for your business. Be aware of these phishing emails.

Protection against Domain Name Scam

For several years, Asian companies have been pressuring firms to register identical domain names in Asian Top-Level-Domains (TLDs). It is a kind of scam called “Slamming”, and is an illegal practice to mislead firms in order to sell them unsolicited services.

Type of Threat

This type of scam starts with an email written directly to the CEO of the targeted company. They try to contact a manager who is always unsure of the rules & regulations of the domain industry. With their way of communication they present themselves as an accredited Asian registrar mainly in China & Japan. It looks very real to the users cause of the personalized email content and marketing strategies they use. These emails will generally pretend to be acting in your favor. Dealing with these unknown parties mostly turns out to be a fraudulent business and domain owners have high risk of being cheated.

They usually will email you or call you for these purposes:

  • Domain slams will say you need to Protect your firm from the 3rd party utilizing the relative domain names for their business purpose.
  • Domain slams phishing emails will warn you that someone else is just about to buy it and the business just minutes to accept the offer. These greedy scammers threaten with limited offers and time bound tag lines.
  • Domain name scams are in form of bogus domain name renewal notices.
  • Domain name scams consist of keywords that can help you in branding better with multiple registrations.
  • Domain name scams can start to claim that your domain is expiring and that you should pay immediately for renewal.

Motive of the Act

The hustler or the Asian "registrar" realized that the targeted firm owns the rights to the domain names in question. For “ethical” reasons, the Asian provider kindly offers to register the domain in the name of the target instead of for their “client”. The prices are often prohibitive. The greedy scammer threatens to proceed with the initial domain registration request if the rights holder does not purchase the domain names within seven to fifteen days.

There is no point in booking these domains for an efficient naming strategy if you are thinking. In fact, it is useless to register domain names in unpopular TLDs namely .ORG.CN. If there is interest in going to Asia you might want to book .ASIA or .IN (India) or .JP (JAPAN).

How do you react when you face this hustler?

We are protective of your Business Identity and the Domain Names you hold.

The first step for you would be to contact your technical team, IT Manager, Web Designer, Domain Manager or Hosting Company. If at that time you are told this is a spam, you need to mark that email as a spam in your email software.

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